Corsican Mountain

The Bavella Crags

To go on an outing in Bavella, stop at the Spin’àCavallu bridge (12th century Genoese bridge), visit the village of Santa Lucia Di Tallà, then go towards Bavella, a magical and surprising landscape at 1243 meters altitude with jagged crags, a site you can’t miss out on. Return by the picturesque villages of Zonza amd Levie.

Alta Rocca

Discover the Alta Rocca region, with the Land of Lords, Sainte Lucie of Tallano and Levie, which are all located in the heart of Alta Rocca. History and medieval archeology lovers will find in the Alta Rocca, a region rich in discoveries. You will love the beautiful trails in the countryside, lined with chestnut trees and groves of green vines. In one of the mountainous areas the most typical of the island, you can discover the remains of ancient Corsicans in the Prehistoric museum.

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