Valinco region

Campomoro and its Genoese Tower

The seascape and beautiful trail lead to the most impressive Genoese Tower. The Tower of Campomoro was built in the 16th century by the Genoese, and is one of the biggest towers in Corsica (15 meters high). Its originality is in the fortification of a wall built beneath the stars. Restored in 1986, it is part of the Littoral Conservatory. On the first floor, there is a permanent exhibition that retraces the history of all the Genoese Towers in Corsica and the invasion of the barbarians. 

Upper Valinco

Discover the Upper Valinco region (about 40 km roundtrip), panoramic view point over the Valinco Gulf and the Propriano port. Cross the villages of Santa Maria: Figganiella with its Roman Pisan-style church, and Fozzano which was the scene of the vendetta of Colomba in the 19th century, both two impressive buildings that bore witness of that period.


Medieval stronghold of the powerful family of the Lords of Rocca. It is said that this is one of the most authentically Corsican towns in Corsica.

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